Rethinking exercise and making everyday movement a medicine

We help you build active everyday habits and learn how every move you make matters to feeling healthier, happier and stronger.

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Make small changes → Get big results

Physical activity is more than ‘exercise’ or ‘sport’, which is good news, as they don’t appeal to everyone. Finding the value in your everyday activities during ~112 waking hours per week is the key to going beyond the limits of exercise.

Everyday Activities
Our patented technology blends cutting-edge science with one-to-one mentoring to accurately guide your movement and support you at every step of your lifestyle change. You will create healthy new habits that compliment your routine and make the most of your everyday life.
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Better Health

Feel the benefits in just 12 weeks

Thousands of people are enjoying the health benefits from moving more and we have proven that this success has no barriers to age, mobility or surroundings. Join them and let us move you to better health and wellbeing today.

Better Sleep
More Energy
Improved Mental Wellbeing
Medicine Reductions
Increased Strength & Balance
Reduced Condition Related Symptoms
Improved Fitness
Feel Empowered to Self-Care
Improved Quality of Life
Greater Confidence
Weight Loss
Reduced Pain
Increased Mobility
Increased Motivation

How It Works

Why is KiActiv® different?

We personalise your physical activity to help you get moving in a way that works for you. By accurately measuring your movement and with easy to use online tools, your dedicated Mentor will guide you to make simple but meaningful changes to your daily routine that can be sustained forever.

Who We Help

Is KiActiv® for me?

Optimising movement is a medicine for everyone and we make it personal, accessible and effective. Whether you have a health condition, are recovering from illness or just want to protect yourself and age well, you will feel supported at every stage to achieve your goals.

Science & Research

What does the evidence say?

KiActiv® is based on the latest scientific research and we have demonstrated its impact in both clinical trials and the real-world settings of the NHS. We remain committed to research and development, and continue to collaborate with leading Universities and Hospitals to further the science of everyday movement as a medicine.

What do people say about KiActiv®?

I do definitely feel better now and I’ve managed to lose around 10 lbs since starting this programme, so I’m really quite chuffed with myself. I know I’m fitter and healthier, and I want to push myself to do more and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Clare, 47 , Prediabetes
What do people say about KiActiv®?

Having this accurate information can only help you to make good choices for better health. This programme is very much a personal programme with all the benefits of added support. I would really recommend KiActiv® to anyone.

Jean, 66 , Hypertension
What do people say about KiActiv®?

The programme is excellent.  I have learnt that all movement is important, and not just structured exercise. After I had understood this, it made me realise that progress was achievable even whilst being breathless. I would strongly recommend KiActiv® Health to anyone who feels that their lung condition has ‘taken over’ their health and life, and who genuinely wants to gain some control over it.

Neil, 50 , Lung Cancer

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