News & Insights 5 August 2015

The KiActiv® Blog

Welcome to the KiActiv blog.

We have a lot to talk about.

We’re passionate believers in the power of digital health and personalised medicine, but we’re grounded by the scientific principles that drive us.

We’ve been working with wearables and delivering personalised data-driven programmes since 2008. This unique knowledge and experience has enabled us to invent the KiActiv (patent pending) system to drive software that makes free living Physical Activity a powerful digital medication and therapeutic tool, which will be transformational for healthcare.

Over the past year we’ve presented our innovations at the Annual BACPR (British Association for Cardiac Prevention & Rehabilitation) Conference and at the King’s Fund Digital Health and Care Congress, and have also spoken as thought leaders at Hotwire’s Digital Trends Event.

The blog will become home to news about our research, exciting updates, our commentary on what’s in the news, and general opinion pieces from within KiActiv – so stay tuned.

The KiActiv® Team