News & Insights 12 April 2016

Endless possibilities for KiActiv® to improve lives

Unless you’re new to the KiActiv® blog, you’ll already know the numerous health benefits of an active lifestyle and just how many diseases you can be prevented and treated by doing the right activity. But, even we’ve been surprised by the diversity of the diseases we are being asked to work with.

We have a history in weight loss, have been using KiActiv® with both cardiac rehabilitation patients and people identified at risk of lifestyle diseases over the last few years, and are working to develop the Diabetes Digital Coach with our partners at the West of England Academic Health Sciences Network. But it seems that the possibilities for KiActiv® are endless.

I was recently invited to attend a really interesting symposium in Bristol all about optimising prehabilitation for cancer patients to give them the best possible chance of positive outcomes after surgery. Researchers and clinicians told how patient’s physical fitness when they have surgery has a significant impact on their recovery – less fit patient’s tend to need to stay in hospital for longer, take longer to return to a normal quality of life and even have less chance of surviving the surgery in the first place. So, helping every patient do the right activity to improve their fitness before their surgery is really important, and, of course, can be continued after surgery to optimise recovery.

And, more recently we were approached about using KiActiv® to improve mental health. Another exciting opportunity for KiActiv® to impact people’s health and wellbeing – and that’s why we do what we do, to engage, motivate and empower people to improve their own lives by optimising their physical activity.

Clearly, healthcare professionals are becoming more and more aware of the power of physical activity for their patients. And, I, for one, am excited to be part of future of KiActiv®.

The KiActiv® Team