News & Insights 1 December 2020

World Health Organisation (WHO) update their physical activity guidelines

To accompany the new guidelines, they have also released a new video firmly acknowledging the role of everyday physical activity, instead of just focusing on sports and exercise. The video illustrates a variety of daily activities that you can undertake to get up and get moving – ranging from cleaning and making the bed, to gardening and even dancing! All of these are great sources of movement that will elicit great benefits, and it’s important to remember that these activities do not have to be intense or structured to have a valuable impact on your health and wellbeing.

At KiActiv®, we champion this principle that every move matters and, whilst it is great that the WHO are finally beginning to recognise and promote the importance of these everyday movements, there is still more work to be done. The accessible multidimensional nature of physical activity should not be overshadowed by this excessive focus on exercise – finding the value in your everyday movements is just as beneficial!

Hopefully, more people will take the lead of the WHO and join us in moving beyond just rhetoric to make everyday physical activity an accessible and effective medicine for improving health.

The KiActiv® Team