News & Insights 1 March 2021

February News Update

Here at KiActiv®, we are constantly looking towards the latest research to innovate and progress our programmes. Being guided by the literature not only enables us to continue to adapt internally, but also helps us to highlight the ever-evolving benefits of everyday activity, ensuring that you can fully appreciate the positive impact that your increased activity is having on your health!

As a result, we have collated some of the most interesting, cutting-edge research pieces published in February 2021, with the hope that this will afford you a wider insight into everything from your general wellbeing and physical health, to your cognitive and mental health too.

  • Healthy Ageing: A recent cohort study conducted by Glass and colleagues evidenced the importance of light physical activity for preserving mobility into older age. You can access the full paper here.
  • Cancer Treatment: Another recent study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport not only confirms the benefits of engaging in physical activity during cancer treatments, but also suggests that undertaking higher intensity activity is of no additional benefit. The full study can be found here.
  • Fitness Trackers: An insightful article into the negative consequences of fitness tracker was recently published by Becca Caddy, highlighting how usage can ultimately lead to unhealthy obsessions with health and fitness, and how best to combat this. You can read the full article here.
  • Heart Health: The University of Western Australia recently published a new study demonstrating the positive impact of exercise on the artery health of middle-aged males. Full access to the article can be found here.
  • Musculoskeletal Health: A systematic review suggests that engaging in physical activity therapies can slow the deterioration of muscle, significantly improving functional ability in the short, medium and long term. Further information can be found here.

The KiActiv® Team