News & Insights 17 March 2022

Our role in supporting the NHS to innovate

Roundtable with NHS England, NHS Improvement and UCL Partners

Last week, in my role as a Fellow of the NHS Innovation Accelerator, I took part in a roundtable discussion with key NHS stakeholders. The discussion focused on the challenges of innovation within healthcare and how we can address them at a system level to ensure everyone can benefit.

Alongside four other Fellows, we were given the opportunity to highlight key themes across Elective Care, Artificial Intelligence and Empowering Person-Centred Care with Technology. This included some of the barriers and enablers to embedding and scaling innovation in the NHS, and what can be done to ensure the opportunity and benefits are maximised for all in society.

It was great to be able to share our experience and insights with leaders from across the NHS, such as Professor Stephen Powis (National Medical Director, NHS England & NHS Improvement) and Matt Whitty (Director for Innovation, Research & Life Sciences, NHS England). This type of engagement and the thoughtful conversation it creates is incredibly valuable as part of our mission to make everyday movement an accessible medicine for people here in the UK and globally.

Tommy Parker, CEO, KiActiv®