News & Insights 12 May 2022

Steve’s experience; a short video from One Gloucestershire

Steve joined KiActiv® Health with a positive attitude and was enthusiastic about finding new ways to be active. He quickly grasped the concept of every-day activity and recognised where he was more sedentary than he had previously thought. This prompted him to start making small changes to his lifestyle such as washing the car himself instead of taking it to the car wash, as well as walking around at work between meetings.

“It has helped me to value the positive effects of increasing daily activities as part of my normal routine…I wouldn’t necessarily have seen the merit in going to the shops before, now I get it.”

At the end of his 12 weeks with KiActiv®, Steve felt that his physical and mental health had improved, and he now felt more confident in managing his health conditions. He wanted to show his appreciation by taking part in this video, and wants to encourage others to make the same changes he has: