Accessibility Statement

Measures to support accessibility

KiActiv® takes the following measures to ensure accessibility of the KiActiv® Online Dashboard:

  • Include accessibility throughout our internal policies
  • Provide continual accessibility training for our staff
  • Employ formal accessibility quality assurance methods
  • Consult people with disabilities in the co-design of our service

Conformance status

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defines requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. It defines three levels of conformance: Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA. The KiActiv® Online Dashboard is fully conformant with WCAG 2.1 level AA. Fully conformant means that the content fully conforms to the accessibility standard without any exceptions.

Additional accessibility considerations

  • Colour blindness (red-green)
  • Visual field impairment
  • Blurry vision
  • Dementia effects


We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of the KiActiv® Online Dashboard. Please let us know if you encounter accessibility barriers on the KiActiv® Online Dashboard:

  • Phone: 0203 371 3102
  • E-mail:
  • Postal Address: KiActiv®, Temple Chambers, 3-7 Temple Avenue, London, EC4Y 0DT
  • Twitter: @KiActiv

We try to respond to feedback within 1 business day.

Compatibility with browsers and assistive technology

The KiActiv® Online Dashboard is designed to be compatible with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

The KiActiv® Online Dashboard is designed to be compatible with the following assistive technologies:

  • Screen readers
  • Screen magnification software

The KiActiv® Online Dashboard is not compatible with:

  • Internet Explorer 11

Assessment approach

KiActiv® assessed the accessibility of the KiActiv® Online Dashboard by the following approaches:

  • Self-evaluation
    • WCAG 2.1 level AA accessibility standards have been incorporated throughout the design and development of the KiActiv® Online Dashboard

Formal complaints

Please detail any queries or complaints related to the accessibility of the KiActiv® Online Dashboard to us by emailing or by calling 0203 371 3102, where a member of the team will be able to field your comments. We aim to respond to all user queries within 1 business day.

Formal approval of this accessibility statement

This Accessibility Statement is approved by:

Tommy Parker



This statement was created and published on 14 September 2022