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NHS Prehab Fitness Programmes

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Physical Activity comes in all forms and intensities, not just vigorous exercise!

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The power of gardening for our physical and mental wellbeing

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Lipoedema Awareness Month

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The wider impact of COVID-19 on long-term health conditions

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How inactivity during COVID-19 could increase the risk of falls and frailty

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How has COVID-19 changed our activity levels?

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What you can do to keep moving during lockdown

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Colorectal Cancer Awareness – April 2020

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Continuing Care During COVID-19

24/03/2020/by Tommy Parker

Why activity is vital for your mental wellbeing during COVID-19

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International Day of Happiness 2020

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Taking Care of Yourself During COVID-19

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Physical activity & mental health within the NHS

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Physical activity doesn’t need to be strenuous to be effective

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The truth about steps

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World Cancer Day 2020: Physical activity CAN cut your risk of cancer

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Keep Rocking Around the Christmas Tree This Festive Season

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Everyday activities shown to halve risk of prostate cancer in men

18/12/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Can wearable fitness trackers actually give an accurate estimate of VO₂max?

27/11/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Regular physical activity shown to be an effective treatment in reducing the risk of depression

15/11/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Why are we still telling kids to sit down and sit still?

12/11/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Are we going through an inactivity epidemic? Recent NHS statistics shed light on the growing burden it’s facing.

08/11/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Run for your life! Can a weekly jog reduce your risk of early death?

06/11/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Minimising sedentary time is vital for good health – Even whilst on holiday!

23/10/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Can regular activity help to slow Alzheimer’s progression?

17/10/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Brits spend nearly 3 times as long making tea than they do exercising

15/10/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Outdoor activity given the green light in optimising mental health benefits

03/09/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Get on your bike! Why the ‘Active Travel’ concept is failing to improve activity habits

30/08/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Short walks and light-moderate physical activity shown to have positive results in limiting negative impacts associated with diabetes

27/08/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Sit less, move more and more often – the simplest of ways to benefit to your health

23/08/2019/by KiActiv® Team

Technology and Physical Activity: Can it be used to help manage Lymphoedema?

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Staying active, whatever the weather

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Physical activity can increase your lifespan no matter what your age and past activity levels

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Everyday physical activity is a powerful medicine for older adults with heart disease

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Make 2017 the year you stick to your physical activity resolution

26/01/2017/by KiActiv® Team

Exercise Referral Schemes for may not be the answer to the obesity crisis

23/12/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Working out how much exercise to do will take more than the latest wearable tracker

28/10/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Data loses its value if it doesn’t have any context

28/10/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Physical Activity – The Miracle Drug

04/10/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Is Pokémon Go the answer to the inactivity crisis?

10/08/2016/by KiActiv® Team

The Lancet calls for the world to get serious about physical activity

01/08/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Why you should aim to do 1000 minutes of physical activity a week if you’re using an activity monitor

28/06/2016/by KiActiv® Team

To change physical activity behaviour you need to make the data useful

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Endless possibilities for KiActiv® to improve lives

12/04/2016/by KiActiv® Team

NHS’s £3.5m One You campaign encourages Britons to change unhealthy lifestyle behaviours, but is there a better way?

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Physical activity for life

29/02/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Every hour you sit can increase your diabetes risk by more than a fifth, according to new research

03/02/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Ki partner in new innovative NHS Test Bed set to benefit patients with diabetes

22/01/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Physical Activity is the most important weapon in the fight against obesity

06/01/2016/by KiActiv® Team

Get up every half an hour for your health

07/12/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Fitness in young adults predicts cardiovascular disease and death in later life

01/12/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Move more to improve your memory

26/11/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Conflicting headlines just add to the confusion around Physical Activity

10/11/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Does Physical Activity slow the ageing process?

02/11/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Being sedentary may not reduce the years in your life, but it can reduce the life in your years

15/10/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Physical activity guidelines may be inadequate to prevent heart failure

06/10/2015/by KiActiv® Team

You might want to stand up for this

22/09/2015/by KiActiv® Team

The latest Mi-PACT research has been published!

14/09/2015/by KiActiv® Team

The NHS is wasting money

11/09/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Physical Activity is the Key to a Longer, Healthier Life

01/09/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Is a lack of housework really making women fat?

28/08/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Workaholics, Inactivity & Disease Risk

24/08/2015/by KiActiv® Team

“Time to get serious about lifestyle change.”

21/08/2015/by KiActiv® Team

You’re never too old to be active & reduce your heart failure risk

18/08/2015/by KiActiv® Team

Should Activity Be A Vital Sign?

12/08/2015/by KiActiv® Team

How much physical activity do we need to do to stay healthy and live longer?

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