Falls Prevention


Falls affect approximately 30% of those aged 65 and over each year, with many resulting in damaging injuries, a loss of confidence and a resultant decline in independence. Reductions in physical function only make the thought of physical activity seem more daunting. Thankfully, engaging in physical activity that is accessible and appropriate to each individual’s own context and capacity can instead help to retain muscular strength, mobility and balance, whilst also gradually rebuilding confidence. One of the things we are passionate about at KiActiv®, is affording each and every individual the opportunity to live independently in confidence; we empower people to remain competent and self-sufficient, even into older age.

Physical Activity & Falls Prevention

A fall, or a fear of falling, can have a massive impact on an someone’s quality of life and independence, causing the simple act of stepping out of the house to become a frightening task. This can cause many older people to restrict their level of movement, progressing to inactivity as the norm – ‘just in case’ of a fall. This can lead to a vicious cycle of declining muscular strength and balance, which can increase the risk of falling. Conversely, building up day-to-day physical activity in a safe way can help to overcome this fear, making you stronger, healthier, and more independent. 

The Benefits of Physical Activity for Falls Prevention

There are a variety of benefits to being physically active to prevent falls, including:

  • Increase and maintain muscle mass, strength, power, and balance, which can improve physical function and independence
  • Increased bone density, which lowers the risk of Osteoporosis
  • Increased joint range of motion and flexibility
  • Improved stamina and physical resilience 
  • Improved cognitive function and memory, which lowers the risk of dementia.
  • Improved confidence when it comes to day-to-day activities
  • Improved mood, mental wellbeing and sleep quality

There isn’t any single type of physical activity that’s best for everyone, as everyone has different levels of confidence, fitness, and ranges of motion. It is important to build up physical activity gradually and avoid excess stress on particular muscles or joints, with the overall goal of improving physical health and confidence with regard to physical activity. 

KiActiv® Value Proposition for Falls Prevention

KiActiv® Health is a digital service that provides people with a personalised understanding of their everyday physical activity to empower behaviour change in the context of their health and capacity, enabling people to make the right choices for them. 

Understanding how physical activity impacts strength, bone density, and balance, as well as how it can instil and improve confidence when it comes to movement is key to self-management and reducing the risk of falls. 

Crucial to this understanding is that physical activity is more than just exercise and sport, and that every move you make counts. Physical activity is defined as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure and, as such, it is important that all of the movement in our lifestyles are accounted for – not just exercise.

Indeed, for many people who would qualify for the Falls Prevention Pathway, physical activity is something that is often feared due to lack of confidence and risk of injury, and there is a common misconception that for physical activity to be valuable it must be vigorous. As such, understanding that physical activity is more than just exercise and sport, and that every move matters, is vital for empowering effective self-management. So, for individuals on this programme, focusing on movements they enjoy or feel comfortable with is likely to result in sustained behaviour change.

Moving away from exercise to personalised, everyday physical activity is essential for Falls Prevention, as it opens the therapy window to ~112 hours/week. This can feel more accessible to these individuals and this raised awareness and understanding of everyday physical activity is a key factor in increasing motivation to create healthier habits.

Here at KiActiv®, we have worked with many older patients to empower them to self-manage their health and improve their physical activity in a personalised way. As such, KiActiv® Health provides an accessible option for everyone.

Client Quotes

“My balance has improved in that I now save myself from falling rather better than I used to do.” – Female, 85, FAES, Back Pain

“I’m feeling much better, and better balance. When I move I am moving faster.” – Female, 80, Hypertension

“I have noticed I’m able to go up and down stairs quicker as I feel stronger, my legs are stronger. I’m not as breathless as I was as I’ve been doing it more regularly.”- Female, 80, Hypertension

“I am walking now with no frame.” Male, 73, FAES

“In a quiet way, you’ve boosted my confidence and made me realise it’s in my hands to improve my mobility.”- Female, 83, Colorectal Cancer