How It Works

We personalise movement for better health

Our service finds the value in your everyday activities during all ~112 waking hours per week and makes you feel supported at every stage.

We blend personalised body data and cutting-edge science with one-to-one mentoring to create healthy new habits that compliment your daily routine.
Everyday Movement
Every move you make matters
Accurate Movement Data
Measured with precision
KiActiv® Dashboard
Easy-to-use tools that really help
Personal Mentor
Supported at every step


Every move you make matters

Discover how the duration and intensity of your everyday activities are independently important to your health. This knowledge enables you to make simple but meaningful changes to your routine and create new habits that work for you.

  • How much time are you sedentary?
  • What activities are light or moderate for you?
  • Do you have any bouts of activity?
  • What is your calorie burn?


What gets measured gets managed

Our wearable technology is validated for accuracy and collects a complete picture of your everyday activities. It doesn’t matter whether it’s getting up to make a drink, or going out for a stroll, we measure all of your daily activity, minute-by-minute.

  • You upload your data from the activity monitor with the KiActiv® app
  • This is instantly reviewed and cleansed by our unique patented measurement and analysis engine
  • Your actionable data is immediately displayed in your personal online dashboard


KiActiv® Online

Easy-to-use tools that really help

Your personal interactive dashboard is easy to use, accessible 24/7 and designed for you. All of your physical activity data is displayed in the context of your condition and provides you with meaningful and actionable insights.

  • It enables the authentic choice that empowers effective self-care
  • All of your physical activity data is displayed in the context of your condition
  • You will see how your small changes lead to big improvements



Supported at every step

Your dedicated KiActiv® mentor will support you to get the most from your technology and set yourself small realistic goals that you can control and enjoy – no prescription or compulsion.

  • You will have 6 x 20 minute telephone coaching sessions at key times
  • The appointment times are flexible to meet your needs
  • Our trained team are experienced and empathetic guides

Live. Learn. Change. Sustain.

Week 1
Programme Set Up
Week 2
Baseline Review
Week 4
Week 6
Week 8
Week 12
Guided Support From Personal Mentor
Setting you up and finding your baseline
  1. Before your first session you will receive your physical activity monitor in the post
  2. During your first session we will support you with setting up the technology
  3. For the following 7-8 days you will live life and find your personal physical activity baseline
  4. In your second session, you will review your baseline with a dedicated Mentor, who will explain all aspects of the dashboard and what the data shows
Feeling supported
  1. For the remainder of the 12 week course you will have 24/7 access to this data for self-management
  2. In weeks 4, 6, 8 and 12 you will have further calls with your dedicated Mentor to support your self-management
  3. After the 12-week course is completed the structured support with your mentor comes to an end, but your self-management using the technology doesn’t need to – that’s yours to keep

Getting started is quick and simple

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