Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about KiActiv®. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, get in touch to ask us directly.

Physical Activity
What is the aim of the programme?

We will empower you to improve the self-management of your health and wellbeing using everyday physical activity. You will learn how to find sufficient movement in your daily routine and identify the opportunity that your lifestyle holds.

Will I be told what activities to do?

No. KiActiv® puts the emphasis on empowering personal responsibility and self-management, so you will be in control of what activities you do, with the support and guidance of your own KiActiv® Mentor. This means there is no prescription or compulsion, just authentic choice, so you can make the best choices for you and your lifestyle.

Do I need to go to the gym or do sport?

KiActiv® will show you that any type of physical activity is beneficial to your health and can include everything from preparing meals, to washing the car, or walking the dog. Exercising in a gym is just one type of physical activity that can be integrated into your lifestyle, if you choose to do it. But it is not necessary, as sufficient everyday activity at the right intensity can achieve your health and wellbeing goals. It is important to remember every movement will be recorded, and all movements in life count towards a more active lifestyle, for health benefit.

Accurate Body Data
How does the monitor measure my activity levels?

The on-body monitor uses a triaxial accelerometer to detect the direction, speed and intensity of your movements. Applying clinically proven algorithms, the monitor accurately determines your activity level and calorie burn every minute of every day.  Extensive research has gone into ensuring a high level of accuracy when measuring your activity level and the calories you expend.

Does it count steps?

We do not counts steps because doing so provides an inaccurate picture of your physical activity levels. When you think about a ‘step’, what is it? Is it a stride, a shuffle, a run? Counting ‘steps’ only informs you of how many steps you have taken with no information of their intensity.

This on-body monitor looks at all your body movements, and shows you the duration and intensity of these movements, to provide a more accurate, effective and complete view of your physical activity levels.

Does it measure my heart rate?

No. Whilst a number of activity monitors have included a heart rate sensor, heart rate is limited in its accuracy and reliability. The rationale for using heart rate monitoring as a measure of physical activity or energy expenditure relies on the linear relationship between heart rate and oxygen uptake, which is only good for a narrow range of activity. While the linear relationship exists for specific activities, i.e. dynamic moderate to vigorous intensity activities involving large muscle groups (Crouter, Albright and Bassett, 2004; Freedson and Miller, 2000), the relationship between heart rate and energy expenditure is weak at low activity levels (Montoye, 1996). There are also a number of other individual factors that affect this relationship, and getting a personalised understanding of this is a time consuming, labour-intensive, and expensive process, which is specific to the chosen physical activity modality (Eston and Reilly, 2001).

How long will it take to receive my band?

Once you have signed up to the KiActiv® programme, you should received the band within 3-5 working days.

What do I do once I’ve received my band?

Upon receiving the band you’ll simply have to charge it for 90 minutes before your setup call with the KiActiv® Mentor. You should have received an email confirming these instructions.

To charge your Band:

  • Connect the charging cable to the charging pins on the back of your device.
  • Next, connect the USB cable to your computer or an AC adaptor
  • The Band will begin charging automatically. The indicator light (on the front of the monitor) will begin blinking, fading in and out during the charging process.
  • When the indicator light stops blinking, your device is ready to use.
What mobile devices are compatible with the band?

The band, and the KiActiv® app you will use to upload your data, is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Your device will need to be running iOS 8 and above, or Android 4.3 and above.

Is the physical activity monitor waterproof?

It is waterproof (IP67) and as such it can withstand water immersion up to 1m for a duration of ~30 minutes.

KiActiv® Online Dashboard
What do I need to take part?

All that you need to take part in the programme is access to a compatible smartphone or tablet to be able to use the KiActiv® app, and a computer or tablet with internet access to view your data in your personal dashboard.

Do I need to be good with technology?

Although previous experience will be helpful, you don’t have to be good with technology to get started. You will have support throughout the programme from your trained Mentor who will talk you through the on-body monitor, KiActiv® App and the personal dashboard, to ensure you are comfortable and happy using the technology. You will quickly become familiarised with the technology and personal dashboard and your mentor will be there to help and guide you.

Can a family member help me with the programme?

A family member, carer or a friend can help you out with understanding the programme. The only important thing to remember is that only the individual on the programme wears the activity monitor to ensure all the data is relevant and applicable to them.

Is the personal dashboard easy to use?

The personal dashboard is really simple, interactive and easy to use. Your Mentor sessions will show you how to use the dashboard and you will be able to get answers to any questions you may have.

How do I view my progress?

Every time that you sync your band with your tablet or smartphone, your data will be instantly available in your account and by logging in you will immediately be able to engage with your data in your personal dashboard.

How much time do I need to dedicate to KiActiv®

You will have six 20-minute phone calls with your KiActiv® Mentor, which is a total of 2-hours over the 12-week programme.

The duration required to sync your on-body monitor is dependent on how much data you have collected since your last sync. Sync duration may vary from only a couple of seconds to about a minute, if you haven’t synced your data in a few days.

The amount of time you spend on your personal dashboard is up to you; we recommend you interact with your data at least once every few days, but it is entirely your choice. Evidence shows that the more often you engage with your dashboard the greater your success.

Personal Mentor
How is the Mentoring Delivered?

The mentoring is delivered remotely through 6 x 20 minute phone calls taking place at key points throughout the 12 weeks.

When will the 6 sessions be scheduled?

The sessions will be scheduled in weeks 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12, and the timings for future sessions will be established with your mentor at the end of your previous session. This is flexible and the Mentor is there to fit around everything you have going in, including work, holidays and more.

What happens if I can’t attend a session?

If you need to change your appointment, please let your Mentor know by email and we will be as accommodating as possible to meet your needs. However, we would ask that you provide us with 24 hours notice of any wish to change appointments so that we can best cater to your request.

What will the Mentor help me with?

Your KiActiv® Mentor is there to support and guide you. They will help you understand your multidimensional physical activity profile and teach you the skills you need to actively set your own activity goals, using the interactive tools in your personal dashboard. They won’t prescribe a physical activity programme for you, or dictate what you do to increase your everyday physical activity.

What happens after the first 12 weeks?

Once you have finished the 12 weeks, the mentor sessions will come to an end. The evidence shows that 12 weeks is the optimum time for behaviour change and you will be fully equipped to sustain and improve on what you have learnt during the programme. You will keep your band and have full access to the personal dashboard to continue uploading and tracking your progress.

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