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Making physical activity a personalised medicine

We support the prevention and self-care priorities of our NHS partners by empowering individuals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to self-care. It is proven to be accessible, appealing and effective, and ready for delivery at scale.

Our personalised and tech enabled therapy creates new cost effective digital pathways for long term health conditions and rehabilitation services, where physical activity is a key component.

Empowering behaviour change and self-care

Our unique online tools and remote guided support deliver sustained patient self-management at scale for improved population health and cost savings. No visits to gyms or clinics are needed and there are no barriers to age, mobility or surroundings.

Integrates with multiple pathways

We easily integrate with multiple pathways and working across primary, secondary and community care services we can help you address service level challenges for improved patient experience and outcomes.

Accessible alternative to face-to-face services

Our innovation is shown to appeal to those unwilling or unable to access current services and address the poor uptake that drives re-admission costs. It is also proven highly effective in hard to reach groups and areas of deprivation.

Exceptional outcomes

Our patented technology expands the therapy window and outperforms current care at a lower cost with a data led approach that delivers new levels of measurement and accountability for behaviour change, self-care and its health impact.

Helps you manage your waiting lists

We support people waiting for surgery or rehabilitation to “wait well”. Rather than deteriorating whilst they wait, we empower people to take control of their health through their everyday movement. So when the time comes for surgery or rehabilitation, they are in the best shape possible, reducing complications and costs.

Eliminates unnecessary travel emissions

Our flexible, digital approach means that people no longer have to travel to hospitals, clinics and gyms to receive physical activity services. This can help us achieve a net zero NHS, and will be boosted by people choosing active travel as they feel fitter and stronger.

Uptake from referral
Accessible and appealing
It’s easy to use and people love it
Improved Physical Activity
Measurable & sustainable behaviour change
Our users feel the benefit and would recommend to friends and family

A digital therapeutic that empowers self care at scale

Our innovation creates a condition agnostic personalised physical activity hub for patient referral by primary, secondary and community care providers. As a digital alternative to current face to face services it has proven to be a robust and reliable model of care throughout the challenges of the Covid pandemic.

What do Clinicians and Commissioners say about KiActiv®

Our patients really love KiActiv® as it is easy to use, the support they get has really helped them to build better activity patterns and they have seen progress. I think this is an ideal way to support our patients to learn what level of activity they can cope with independently and continue in a sustainable way until they get back to their previous level of function.

Claire , Occupational Therapist, Long Covid Service

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