Success Stories

“Had I not done the programme and become so much fitter, I would not have coped with the surgery so well.”
Barry, 72, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Here are Barry’s thoughts on KiActiv Health

“When I started the programme, I was surprised to learn how inactive I had become. This motivated me to do a lot more walking, which I really enjoyed. Not only did I feel better for it, but within a few weeks one of my sons remarked how much fitter I seemed to be and the other said that I looked very trim when we went swimming together.

As I said to you on the phone, I found our talks very therapeutic. In retrospect if I had not done the programme and become so much fitter, I would not have coped with the surgery so well. The anaesthetist seemed quite impressed!”

Barry’s Story

In June 2021, Barry approached KiActiv® wanting to increase his moderate activity and to lose a bit of weight. He has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) and hypertension and was due to have surgery. 

Initially, Barry was surprised to learn how inactive he had become and quickly made dramatic changes to his physical activity. He was very pleased with the progress he made during the 12-weeks, improving significantly in all 4 dimensions and having “reached his goal”. After his final session he had his surgery and said that he coped with it well due to becoming fitter with KiActiv® Health

He was shocked to find that at baseline he wasn’t doing any Moderate Bouts, and decided that going for a 1-hour walk every day was convenient for him. He was pleased that he stuck to it and found that he was enjoying walking more and noticed an improvement in his fitness. By halfway through the programme was achieving almost 500 minutes a week.

 “I’m doing enough moderate activity now; I’m not sitting around so much…I missed the walking. I’ve really enjoyed going out for walks and things”

During his time with KiActiv® his physical activity increased significantly during the 12-weeks in all 4 dimensions. He almost tripled his daily Moderate Activity and increased his Non-Sedentary Time by 38% over the 12-weeks. He spent over 80% of the programme above his baseline levels of physical activity, demonstrating that he had made sustained changes to his lifestyle that will benefit his health now and in the future. He found the online platform and the calls with his KiActiv® Mentor particularly motivating. 

“Its quite a good motivator…it’s all very interesting. I’m finding it quite interesting really… it’s very unintrusive, hardly notice it, dashboard not over complicated.” 

Barry’s family noticed that he had lost weight. He even went on holiday for a few days and was pleased that he did not put on any weight as he had eaten a lot whilst away and attributed his weight maintenance to his increased activity levels. He developed a new routine involving higher levels of activity and found he had become used to doing much more.”

Shortly after finishing the programme, Barry had his surgery, he commented that “if I had not done the programme and become so much fitter, I would not have coped with the surgery so well.”