Success Stories

“The KiActiv® programme should be offered to all of us who need support to become more active. Taking part helped me to achieve remission of my Type 2 Diabetes within 6-months from a very difficult starting point.”
Henry, 56, Type 2 Diabetes

Here are Henry’s thoughts on KiActiv® Health

“I have managed to achieve remission of my Type 2 Diabetes within 6 months from a very difficult starting point. This was from a complete review of lifestyle and I achieved 12kg weight loss as a result of taking part. As a very busy GP, this was difficult in the early stages, especially as I am fully aware of the serious consequences of doing nothing. I have achieved this without medication which demonstrates how vital lifestyle change is in tackling this disease.”

“The KiActiv® programme should be offered to all of us who need support to become more active. The 12-week programme is a step wise approach with a personal mentor to give us greater insight and encouragement to make important changes. This is an essential part of taking back control of our lives and give us hope to improve our health and well-being. I am now recommending this programme to my own patients to help them to achieve a better and healthier life.”

Henry’s Story

Henry is a GP practicing in the NHS and joined the programme during the pandemic, reporting that he was struggling with anxiety and that he wanted to take control of his Type 2 Diabetes due to the additional threat posed by COVID-19. He significantly increased his physical activity across 4-dimensions, despite a busy and often sedentary job. He managed to sustain these improvements well beyond the 12-week programme and managed to lose 12kg of weight, as well as seeing significant reductions in his blood glucose concentrations.

COVID-19 had significantly impacted his life. He was struggling with finding time to improve his activity because of work and anxiety relating to COVID-19. Despite these barriers, Henry focused on trying to adapt his routine to incorporate more everyday physical activity, and was successful in doing so. Later in the programme, he reported that he had reduced his sugar intake and was increasing both the amount of walking he was doing, and the general level of day-to-to movement in his routine. He reported feeling less anxious, which he noticed as he was no longer biting his nails.

Henry started the programme near the guide for non-sedentary time and moderate activity and managed to gradually improve his activity to reach the guidelines within the 12-weeks. By the end of the programme, Henry was doing ~200 mins/day of Moderate Activity and ~620 mins/week of Moderate Bouts, which is over double the guideline for optimal health. He continued to maintain his increased physical activity levels 6-months after completing the programme and continued to engage with his KiActiv® technology long after his mentor sessions were completed.

He reported that KiActiv® “Helps to focus on something which is essential. Trying to avoid the need to take medication”Additionally, he reported having “better knowledge so I can help others too” (helping his patients as a GP).