Success Stories

“The support I’ve had from my Mentor has been great and I’ve enjoyed her checking in, seeing how I’m doing, and offering so much encouragement! I know I’m fitter and healthier and I want to push myself to do more and lead a healthier lifestyle.”
Clare, 47, Prediabetes

Here are Clare’s thoughts on KiActiv® Health

Clare’s Story

Clare Joined KiActiv in June 2021 wanting to find ways to help minimise stroke risk as well as to lose weight to benefit her overall health. By her second session he KiActiv, Clare had already noticed improvements in her activity, commenting that “I can see its definitely working and I am pleased my activity has increased”.

She told her mentor that she has a physical job, however it also involves lots of sitting, to increase her activity Clare goes on a hour long walk before work. By the end of her third session Clare has noticed that she has noticed that she was losing weight. Clare commented it was encouraging and “I do definitely feel better now.” She told us that “I have lost more than a few pounds since I’ve started this”. She “managed to lose around 10 lbs since we started with this programme, so I’m really quite chuffed with myself”.

By the end of her time with KiActiv, Clare said “I feel less breathless, so I’ve definitely noticed a difference.”

Throughout the programme, alongside her morning walks, Clare also took part in other activities such as dancing. She also purchased a weighted hula hoop to take use inside when the weather was bad. Through increasing her activity Clare was able to increase her activity in all 4 dimensions of physical activity. Increasing her moderate bouts by 531.9% for 95% of the time on the programme. Peaking at 171 mins of moderate activity in a single day.