Success Stories

“Having this accurate information helps you to make good choices for better health. This programme is very personal with all the benefits of added support. I would really recommend KiActiv® to anyone.”
Jean, 66, Hypertension

Jean’s thoughts on KiActiv® Health

“The KiActiv® programme is all about understanding how your movements throughout the day can count as physical activity. I found that being able to see the charts of movement every day, very beneficial to reaching goals. The added knowledge that a supporter and helper was on the end of the telephone was also encouraging to reach goals. It made me competitive with myself and motivated me to move more. I was able to gradually increase activity and just by adding small amounts of movement (5 minutes or 10 minutes). It made a difference to how I felt. 

“I am still wearing my wrist monitor and uploading the data. It has just become part of what I do. Having this accurate information can only help you to make good choices for better health. This programme is very much a personal programme with all the benefits of added support. I would really recommend KiActiv® to anyone.

Jean’s Story

Here at KiActiv® we love working with all of our clients to help you make positive steps to achieving your goals. Taking control of your own health has never been easier, but don’t just take our word for it! Jean is a 66-year-old film editor and wanted to share her experience of KiActiv® Health and how it has helped her to find the value in her everyday movement to benefit both her physical and mental health. 

Jean came to KiActiv® expressing that she wanted to lose weight, she had also been diagnosed with high blood pressure and was keen to change her lifestyle for the better. 

Jean quickly got immersed in thinking of ways to improve her activity at home, such as increasing the amount of times she went up and down the stairs. Despite experiencing significant challenges in her personal life, Jean stayed motivated to improve her activity around the house during the COVID-19 pandemic, and was even chasing her dog around! 

Alongside KiActiv® Health Jean was eating “small, sensible meals” to help with her weight loss. “I don’t sit down. Computer has gone out the window” she said, during the week in which she displayed her highest levels of activity. Jean spends a lot of her time on her feet filming weddings and school productions, which was reflected in her activity graphs. “I am quite busy – even when I’m sat down doing the film editing, I will regularly change locations or run up and down stairs. I do plan to keep wearing it and keep doing the things I’m doing.” 

As a result of KiActiv® Health, Jean managed to increase her non-sedentary time by 16.4% and her moderate activity by 17.7% from her baseline levels. 

Jean emphasised how effective and easy it has been to use her personalised online dashboard, and how helpful it is seeing the graphs of her activity levels.  

“It is really interesting to see it in a graph form… awareness can move you forward”  

When we did that very first one and looked at graph, I was thinking ‘I think I can do more’, and then to try to encourage you to look at what you’ve done and improve with what you’re doing, a lifestyle change… it’s not until you see it in a graph form that you realise what you do or what you could do. Being able to see it in front of me and analyse it a bit, you just wouldn’t have the benefit of that. I feel I’ve benefitted from knowing what I’m doing, with your help as well. I’m very grateful for the opportunity”.