Success Stories

“This programme is excellent! I would strongly recommend KiActiv® to anyone who feels that their lung condition has taken over their life, and who wants to gain back control.”
Neil, 50, Lung Cancer

Here are Neil’s thoughts on KiActiv® Health

“My lung condition and state of health was different to many people using KiActiv® Health, but I thought it may be useful to share my experiences in the hope that they may help others. I developed widespread sarcoidosis a eighteen months ago. Last year I was then diagnosed with lung cancer. I had never smoked, and kept fit and active (including participating in triathlons). As a result of the cancer I had to have a large proportion of one lung removed. The sarcoid also became much more active and aggressive. In the space of a few months I went from easily running many miles, swimming and cycling to becoming short of breath walking up a few stairs. The impact of this on my lifestyle and mental wellbeing was significant. As well as facing uncertainties regarding my cancer prognosis, and being unable to work, I struggled with the sudden limitations that breathlessness brings. My hospital team referred me to KiActiv® to see if it would help me. I did not really know what to expect, but was open to anything that might help me.

The programme is excellent. I was given clear instructions on how to join the programme, sent the wrist band device and given a phone appointment for the initial set-up. I was allocated a KiActiv® Mentor (Kirstie Tew) to guide me through the programme. Kirstie clearly explained the aims of the programme, talked me through how to record details and interpret the results. I learnt that all movement is important, and not just structured exercise. Simply moving around more during day to day activities all adds up to improving general fitness – e.g., pottering around the kitchen (rather than sitting down) whilst waiting for the kettle to boil! I also learnt that increasing intensity of certain activities did not necessarily give more benefit than becoming generally more active overall. After I had understood this, it made me realise that progress was achievable even whilst being breathless.

Kirstie arranged follow-up appointments and was flexible regarding the timings of these. I was sent reminder emails the day before each appointment, and the phone was always answered immediately when I called in for the appointment. On the rare occasions when Kirstie was running a few minutes late with other clients, a colleague answered the phone and she called me back as soon as she was free. Kirstie was professional, understanding and made helpful suggestions (and challenges) to help me make the most of the KiActiv® personalised online dashboard. One of the most helpful aspects was using the programme to help me pace activities. My previous involvement in triathlons meant I wanted to push myself hard, and when I felt my body could do more, I wanted to stretch my limits. Whilst this had been helpful previously, in my new state of health it was not. I recall feeling disappointed when I had been making good progress, only then to find that I dipped the following week and my health seemed to deteriorate. Following a phone session looking at the KiActiv® personalised online dashboard, we discussed how my activity had increased by 300% in the week leading up to the dip, and that essentially I had done too much. Since then, I have used KiActiv® to help me pace – If I have done more one day, then I will ensure I do a little less the next day.

The ability to look at daily activities or weekly activities in graphical form makes seeing patterns easy. The platform is clear, and I like the visual impact that the charts give. The ability to tag activities is also very helpful, especially when looking back at how certain activities can influence how you are feeling at the time. It is also possible to add further details (ie description of how you’re feeling during / after activities) whilst tagging.     

By using KiActiv®, it has helped me come to terms with the limitations I now have, whilst also giving me a structured way to increase my physical abilities on a daily basis. This has helped my mental wellbeing, and made me feel more in control of my health. Looking back through the notes I had made, I see that how I felt about my health has risen from 20/100 at the start of the course to 75/100 at the final session. This is a real testament to the positive impact KiActiv® has had on my life. It is great to know that I can continue to use the programme, and still have the phone support available if I have any questions in the future.

I would strongly recommend KiActiv® Health to anyone who feels that their lung condition has ‘taken over’ their health and life, and who genuinely wants to gain some control over it. The course does require you to engage with it, but would encourage others to do so – The effort put into participating is well rewarded!

I would like to say a big thank you to all the team at KiActiv® – Keep up your valuable work!”

Neil’s Story

Neil is an NHS GP and was referred to KiActiv® in 2020 with lung cancer. He had had an operation to remove part of his lung which left him “very breathless”, prior to his operation took part in Triathlons, but since his operation he was left “breathless just climbing stairs”Neil told us that he had a tendency to ‘overdo it’, however, his personalised digital platform enabled him to successfully pace himself by managing to find the optimum activity levels that worked for him. 

His goal at the start of the programme was to do some more regular walking. By his 3rd session his physical activity was increasing in all dimensions, and he was enjoying the programme. He said that the KiActiv® personalised online dashboard had been encouraging him to do more, but in a manageable way.

He noticed significant benefits from the programme and was less breathless than he used to be. Neil continued to use his KiActiv® technology platform long after his Mentor sessions were completed and continued to maintain his activity at a level that suits him and his condition. At the end of his initial KiActiv® Health programme, Neil was asked to fill out a questionnaire on his health and quality of life which the outcomes were extremely positive. His VAS score (0-100 scale), a validated tool which is used to assess overall health status, improved throughout the programme, from 20/100 prior to his initial Mentor session, to 75/100 in his final session.