Success Stories

“KiActiv® was a very positive programme which gave me an overview of my daily activities which encouraged me to get out and move more, it helped me plan my activities and improve my fitness after having a heart attack.”
Paul, 50, Cardiovascular Disease & Heart Attack

Here are Paul’s thoughts on KiActiv® Health

“I felt that KiActiv® was a very positive programme which give me an overview of my day-to-day activities which encouraged me to get out and move more, it helped me plan my activities and improve my fitness after having a heart attack in 2020. I also found the KiActiv® Team to be very knowledgeable and helpful, I would highly recommend this programme to all.”

Paul’s Story

Despite initially telling his Mentor that he didn’t feel that vigorous intensity physical activity was appropriate, Paul quickly developed an awareness and appreciation for everyday physical activity, finding ways to incorporate more activity into his routine and adapting his activity to barriers such as bad weather. He regularly engaged with all aspects of KiActiv® Health and got into a routine of looking at his data, making significant improvements in his non-sedentary time, moderate activity, calorie burn and moderate bouts, that he knew he could sustain long-term.

As Paul was not working at the time of the programme, he was able to increase his activity by going on long walks. In his second session he told his Mentor that he thought his activity was getting better, and that he goes on 2 daily walks with his dog, as well as going to the gym each day for 90-minutes. 

Paul began to enjoy partaking in physical activity and began to see the benefits from increasing his everyday activity levels, demonstrating he was now able to adapt to barriers that perhaps would’ve stopped him from increasing his activity in the past. An example of this being that during stormy weather he told his mentor, “I’m going to have to start doing some housework.” This demonstrates that he had gained a sound understanding that every move matters, and can take responsibility to adapt his activity levels in the face of barriers.

Paul expressed numerous benefits to his health and quality of life, finding that he was feeling less fatigued and less breathless. 

By the end of his initial KiActiv® programme, Paul had significantly increased his physical activity levels in all dimensions, including his total weekly moderate bouts, whereby he increased his activity by over 2000%, peaking at 300 minutes of moderate activity in a single day. At the start of the programme, Paul was doing 1 hour and 32 minutes of moderate activity a day. By the end of the programme, he was averaging 2 hours and 37 minutes a day, putting him above the recommended guidelines for moderate activity and demonstrating that he has made sustained changes to his lifestyle to benefit his health.

“I can feel myself improving…I do feel a lot fitter since I’ve been doing this. I could walk for 2 hours and when I get back I could go out and do another 2 hours…I feel like I’m flying.”