Success Stories

“I feel fitter and healthier from the additional movement and have lost several pounds of weight.”
Simon, 69, Type 2 Diabetes

Here are Simon’s thoughts on KiActiv® Health

“I try to keep active but have not had any means of measurement and recording until I got the KiActiv band and access to the website. The data provided revealed how much sedentary time I had. I never realised before. Consequently I have been trying to develop a more active routine but as that involves outdoor activity it can be difficult to maintain on very rainy days, especially during the current epidemic. Having watched the graphs on the website show improving levels I feel satisfied that I am making progress. I feel fitter and healthier from the additional movement and have lost several pounds of weight, not that being overweight was a problem for me.”

Simon’s story

Simon quickly determined from the graphs that he had become more sedentary during the COVID-19 pandemic, and his main goal was to increase his non-sedentary time. He felt that the technology was a very good incentive for him. He explained that he “didn’t realise how sedentary I’d become“ due to the COVID-19 lockdown, which caused his bowling club to shut down. His aim was to try to go for a walk every day.

Notably, by session 3 his non-sedentary time had risen to 33%, up from 15% at the beginning of the programme, and he was “enjoying the participation in this.” He would usually do puzzles on his phone whilst sat on the sofa, but instead, he started doing his puzzles whilst on the bike to keep active. 

Simon wanted to keep improving and decided to get a treadmill. He aimed to do 30 mins of jogging a day alongside his other everyday activities. He made significant progress in just a few days, managing to jog at 5.5 km/h for 30 minutes. He enjoyed going on the treadmill early in the morning and noticed that this was displayed as vigorous intensity activity in his personalised online dashboard.  

“I like to see what activities I’ve been doing and how some show up better than others.“

He had been gradually building his activity on the treadmill; he was soon up to 7 km/h (he started off at 4 km/h) By his final session he was doing 30 mins on the treadmill every morning consistently. Now within a minute, he gets straight up to 6 km/h. He commented that “I miss it if I don’t do it.“ and that “I make a point now of making sure I’ve not sat down for too long“. 

He significantly increased his physical activity across all 5-dimensions, starting off as below the guidelines and finishing near the guidelines. Notably, Simon more than tripled his daily Moderate Activity and increased his daily Moderate Bouts 7-fold. 

After his final session, Simon got in touch and explained that he continues to use his treadmill every morning and has done for months. He uses his KiActiv®  technology every day, expressing that “I feel better, and I’ve enjoyed it.“ and that “It’s certainly useful having these charts.”

He continues to use his KiActiv® personalised technology regularly and improve and maintain his non-sedentary time, daily moderate activity and calorie burn to this day (8-months post-programme).